Terms and Conditions - Our General Terms and Conditions - Travel Conditions

Travel conditions of the holiday apartments

1. Cancellation and/or rebooking

Our claim for cancellation fees per apartment is, but at least EURO 20,00:

  • From 45 days before arrival, midnight: 20%
  • From 30 days before arrival, midnight: 30%
  • From 25 days before arrival, midnight: 40%
  • From 21 days before arrival, midnight: 50%
  • From 17 days before arrival, midnight: 75%
  • From 14 days before arrival, midnight: 80%
  • From 2 days before arrival until no-show / no use: 100%

of the travel price.


2. Online bookings and reservations

The Residence Bocksberg-Blick & St. Florian by the family Motzkus reserves the right to cancel a reservation via booking on the Internet within 24 hours. A reservation is therefore considered invalid. Reason: Binding commitments cannot always be made in the online booking system due to a lack of server utilization, server maintenance, software errors, etc. This rule only applies in special cases. In general, an online booking is retained by the Residence Bocksberg-Blick & St. Florian so as not to impair the flow of business.


3. Deposit

After your booking/reservation, you have to transfer at least a 50% deposit of the total price to our account in the next few days, stating the booking number and date of travel.

Bank account Volksbank Nordharz, BLZ: 268 900 19, Kto.-Nr.: 5500 412 101, Dirk Motzkus
Bank account – international: BIC GENODEF1VNH,
IBAN DE94 2689 0019 5500 4121 01


4. Arrival (Check-IN) time and departure (Check-OUT) time

You can usually arrive from 3 p.m. (noon). You are independent thanks to our electronic keybox. A later arrival until midnight is possible at any time, please pay attention to your key code, given to you by email.

The departure (Check-OUT) should take place no later than 10 a.m. (in the morning).


5. Bringing pets with you, Pet fee

If you plan to take your pet with you as a guest, please indicate this at the time of booking (with type, race, size), a pet fee will be charged for each pet. You may only travel with your pet after we have given our approval that your pet taking with you is possible. Please understand that many apartments are allergy-friendly and not every apartment can be allowed to take a pet with you.


6. Dealing with the apartment, the inventory, furnishings and fittings

Please take care of the inventory and the furnishing of the apartment so that the next guest can enjoy their vacation. Damage caused and defects by you must be reported immediately in the registration. If damage is not reported, it will still be tracked.


7. Departure  (Check-OUT) information

please note that on your departure

  • the trash is emptied and the garbage is properly disposed of
  • the bed linen is subtracted
  • the dishes are washed/cleaned and stands back in the cabinet
  • you must have cleaned the electric stove (also the inside of the oven – if present)


If this is not done, a lump sum for the intended upcoming works have to be charged.


  • the windows to ventilate tilt and all radiators exhibit
  • (Note: In the winter months please only airing of 30 minutes at the flared radiator!)
  • The departure must be in the time from 8.00 a.m. until 10.00 a.m. For the final check-out, the key to sign and return to the home inspection please be in the specified period in the registration.
  • If something has broken, stains on the furniture, sofa, pillows, blanket, mattresses, mattress covers, etc. have arisen. Please report this in the registration.
  • Please leave the apartment as you found it. So that the next guests can also enjoy their stay. Thank you for your understanding.


8. guest fee (tourist tax)

Please note the mandatory guest fee for Hahnenklee (in German). This is not included in the room rate, but will be processed by us on site, billed in cash on site and forwarded to the Hahnenklee Tourismus Marketing GmbH. You will receive the guest card from us with the Goslar adventure booklet and can use it to visit numerous events throughout the Harz Mountains and take advantage of free and discounted offers. The bus ride is also possible free of charge with this guest card (in German).

The guest fee is per night for people after the age of:

18 years of age (from 18 years): 2.30 euros
6th year of life (from 6 to 17 years): 1.15 euros

Reduced guest fee between November 1st and November 31st per night for people after completion of:

Age 18 (from 18 years): 1.15 euros
6th year of life (from 6 to 17 years): 0.57 euros

For the night of October 31. on November 1st the reduced guest fee applies for overnight stays from November 30th. on December 1st the full guest fee applies. Children between 0 and 5 years do not pay a guest fee.

(Source: https://www.hahnenklee.de/hahnenklee-urlaub/gaestekarte
(in German) Status: 2023)



We hereby confirm the above Reservation confirmation and accept the general terms and conditions / travel conditions mentioned above.